Action to stop Wolseong-1 nuclear reactor

Last year, the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission applied for extending the life of the nuclear reactor up to 2022. The reactor has been working since 1983 which was designed to run for 30 years and its lifespan was already over 4 years ago. The Seoul Administrative Court  concluded that the Wolseong-1 nuclear reactor need to put to a stop. Now the commission is preparing for appeal.
Against the commission's decision, 2,167 civic activists filed a suit protesting it. Seoul YWCA joined the protest on 17th Feb, urging not to discuss further argument on court's verdict. Actually today(22th Feb, 2017) is the last day the commission can appeal. We, Seoul YWCA members believe the commission must not appeal so that the hazardous reactor can be removed as soon as possible.


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