2017 New staff training

April 6th, 2017, all the nine new staffs from the headquarter and branches got together for a staff training. They learned YWCA's history, purpose, mission, vision, organization, system etc. After lunch, the participants looked around the SeoulYWCA building and realized an important place to make a lot of change to people.

SeoulYWCA News in March

Bongcheon Social Welfare Service Center started a lecture called "Fun Art Class with Mommy" on March 16th.
This class will strengthen family bonds through art therapy, parenting education, children recreation activities.

Garak Social Welfare Service Center implements "Senior Dementia Prevention Class" on March 15th. The staffs consult with local seniors to check if there's any signs of dementia and teach useful working-out positions seniors can practice in their everyday life.

A charity bazaar will take place on the 30th of March 10:00-18:00 at the Seoul YWCA lobby. Seoul YWCA does volunteering works for Myanmar refugee women every year named Peace in Asia, and this event is part of fundraising to share basic needs with refugee women and kids. The selling brand is MCM which is famous for luxurious fashion items such as shoulder bag, tod bag, purse, belt, scarf.  We hope many of you stop by Seoul YWCA building and buy some fabulous stuff suitable this warm & shiney  weather. The profit from this bazaar all goes into Peace in Asia activity.

The 150th anti-nuclear power plant campaign

Although we know we have uploaded a number of anti-nuclear power plant campaigns recently,  it means to close all the nuclear power plant throughout the Korean peninsula is the most urgent to happen. The campaign has happened to be 150 times up to date, so Korea YWCA and Seoul YWCA and 40 local YWCAs all got together to raise awareness. As we described in the past post, Gori&Wolseong nuclear reactor already passed its longevity, it's definitely time for them to rest forever. However, there are still many people believe the nuclear power plants are necessary to provide enough electricity, despite the fact that Korean citizens are offered sufficient energy from other resources. Now the world needs us to develop renewable energy.

Seoul YWCA News in Feb

Seongdong Youth Center opened Youth career path education center to support free-semester system on the 22th Feb. The center was built by Youth Center's members suggesting citizen participated budget plans in Seoul Metropolitan government. There are various job experiences you can learn such as cooking, baking, video making, coding, nail polishing, make-up skills.

Bongchen Social Welfare Center had a donation ceremony with Bongsam Love Sharing Supporterson the 14th Feb. 90 community members of BLSS has been donationg school uniform fee and scholarship every year since 2014.

Action to stop Wolseong-1 nuclear reactor

Last year, the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission applied for extending the life of the nuclear reactor up to 2022. The reactor has been working since 1983 which was designed to run for 30 years and its lifespan was already over 4 years ago. The Seoul Administrative Court  concluded that the Wolseong-1 nuclear reactor need to put to a stop. Now the commission is preparing for appeal.
Against the commission's decision, 2,167 civic activists filed a suit protesting it. Seoul YWCA joined the protest on 17th Feb, urging not to discuss further argument on court's verdict. Actually today(22th Feb, 2017) is the last day the commission can appeal. We, Seoul YWCA members believe the commission must not appeal so that the hazardous reactor can be removed as soon as possible.

Seou YWCA news in January

Gangnam Youth Center conducted a volunteering program that grows youth's sense of community and sharing for middle and high school students enjoying their winter vacation.
The center facilitated for the youth to visit nursing home, mentoring children in need. The participants had a great time by communicating the elderly and the kids learning about community development.

Nowon Women's Resources Development Center hosted a job fair with a company, Front-runner. The Front-runner is specialized in growing afterschool instructors, this time, it was mainly about hiring software coding programmer. The Front-runner introduced an outlook of SW coding sector and related training sessions. The participants had been offered job interviews and free training classes.